Ascorbic Acid 1 oz

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Ascorbic Acid provides anti- oxidative properties and prevents discoloration in wines and adds to stability and preservation of wine qualities. Introduced during the bottling phase, Ascorbic Acid scavenges oxygen in bottled wine, converting the O2 into a weak organic acid. Typically used in conjunction with metabisulfite, especially when free SO2 levels are low, Ascrobic Acid is added during the wine bottling phase at rate of 2 -3 grams. per 100 Liters. The Acid should be dissolved in water prior to stirring into the finished wine.

A natural perservative for preventing oxidation and introduced during bottling, an excessive dose will provide beer with a citrus flavor, so use sparingly. Use 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon per 5 – gallons at bottling.

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