6-Row Sack 55lb

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Rahr Standard 6-Row is a light-colored base malt made from a blend of North American 6-Row barley varieties. 6-row barley has a much higher protein content and enzymatic power than 2-row barley. Inclusion of Standard 6-Row is therefore very advantageous for recipes calling for large proportions of specialty malts, wheat malts, or adjuncts, which have little or no enzymatic power themselves. 6-row barley is also used to match historical beer styles from settings where 2-row barley was not widely available. High proportions of 6-row barley may necessitate the use of adjuncts or require protein rests in mashing.


Lovibond: 1.5 -2.5 

Usage Rate:  100%

Moisture: 4.5 Max

Extract:  78%

Application Tip:

Typically utilized in the brewing of American or Mexican lagers, allowing for the conversion of adjuncts such as flaked rice or flaked corn. For recipes with 20-50% adjuncts, 6-Row malt provides the required enzymes to convert starches to sugars and produce the hues found in styles such as Classic American Pilsner or Cream ale.

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