2-Row 50 Lb (Brewer's Malt)

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Bready, rich and malty, 2 Row malt provides a flavorful base for the production of a wide range of ales. Well modified, clean tasting and moderate in total protein, the 2 Row malt accommodates and allows the flavors and characteristics of specialty malts shine.

Lovibond: 1.8 L


Application Tip:

To fully unleash and ascertain the qualities of 2 Row malt, create a blonde ale with Northern brewer hops for bittering and Wyeast 1056. The combination of clean and neutral ingredients allows the malt to stand out in aroma and flavor on the palate.

For an IPA with sufficient malt backbone to support the bitterness, aroma and flavors of the hops, create a recipe with 99.5% 2-row and .5% Belgian De-Bittered Black Malt for color correction. Utilize a blend of hops with the newer, citrusy/fruity type flavors and aromas and more pungent/piney hops such as Chinook or Columbus. The 2 Row will support the hops in the distinctly hop delivery device known as an American IPA.

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