Plant Grow Lights

Reflectors are key to spreading light onto your plants, which is one of the most critical components for plant growth and health.
Ballasts are the engine that help power your lighting system. We sell traditional magnetic MH, HPS, and switchable ballasts along with digital ballasts.
We sell metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent and LED bulbs. Different light sources promote healthy growth during different growth stages.
Fluorescent lighting is an effective and efficient light source. Ideal for seed starting, propagation and houseplants.
LEDs are gaining popularity for their efficient use of electricity and long life. We offer reliable, efficacy tested fixtures.
Timers make managing your light cycles easier. We sell simple on/off timers, as well as more complex multiple-light controllers.
Simple and easy to set up, grow tents are great for controlling your growing environment. Keep light in and other contaminants out.
Placing reflective material around your grow area helps ensure that no light goes unused. This is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your setup.
Light movers are the perfect way to more evenly distribute HID light intensity over your growing area.
Find all your miscellaneous accessories including ballast parts, cords, adapters, lenses, heat shields, and flanges here.
Maximize your growth by being sure you have adequate lighting. Replace your bulbs in a timely manner by monitoring their output with a quality light meter.