US Simcoe Hop Pellets 1 LB

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A dual-purpose and uniquely American hybrid hop, Simcoe may be used as a bittering hop. The variety provides a clean, pine-like aroma and flavoring with a slight hint of citrus. Less astringent than other piney hops, Simcoe has been highly sought after for creating distinctive and unique Pale Ales. Due to low Co-humulone levels, Simcoe's flavor characteristics are believed to be superior compared to hops with similar citrusy, pungent and piney qualities. Simcoe often exhibits flavors and aromas similar to fresh berries, citrus fruits, passion fruit, pine and earthy qualities. Typical A.A: 12-14% Possible Substitutions: Amarillo, Magnum, Summit Application Tip: For Amber ales or Black IPAs, Simcoe complements Amarillo hops in flavor and aroma additions, especially in the final minutes of the boil and as dry hop additions. For Ryes, Simcoe blends well with Cascade, Amarillo and Australian Galaxy while fermented by the Dennys 1450 yeast. Simcoe combines with Crystal hops in an American Brown ale, producing subtle pine, citrus and earthy qualities in the finished beer. In dry hopping additions, Simcoe pairs quite well with Australian Galaxy, delivering flavors and aromas of peach, juicy fruit, pine and passion fruit.

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