Pale Ale Malt Rahr 55 Lb

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Rahr Pale Ale is an American, ale-style base malt made from a blend of North American 2-row barleys. It has an excellent color, slightly darker than Rahr Standard or Pilsner malts, good malt flavor, and high extract yield. Well suited to American, English or continental ales, Rahr Pale Ale has become a popular base malt for almost any style of beer.

Lovibond: 3 - 4

Usage Rate: 100%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 79%


Application Tip:

For the creation of a wide range of North American beer styles, Rahr 2-Row Pale malt delivers clean, bready, malty flavors with a hint of nut. The Pale malt provides a smooth malty background for styles demanding high hopping rates, especially IPAs double and/or Imperial IPAs.

For beers with subtler malty profiles and requiring darker malts, Rahr 2-Row malt allows roast and acrid aromas and flavors of Roasted Barley, Chocolate malt and Black Patent to shine through in the finished beer.

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