El Dorado Hop Pellets 1 oz

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With unique flavors and aromas, El Dorado was created to deliver a wide range of interesting characteristics, including stone fruits such as Cherries, pear and cherry lifesavers.  Truly a dual-purpose hop, El Dorado produces a firm but rather clean bittering quality to the finished beer.

Typical A.A: 14 – 16%

Possible Substitiutions: a combination of Simcoe and Galaxy will produce a somewhat similar fruity and flavor in the finished beer. 

Application Tip:

For an interesting hop combination, Mosaic and El Dorado will create complementary flavors by utilizing a ratio of .67 Mosaic to .50 oz. El Dorado due to the difference in Essential oils in each hop. For a Double IPA, use the previous ratio in first wort and dry hopping additions. To add a bit of pungent edge to the two hops, add .25 oz. Chinook to balance out the candy type sweetness of the El Dorado and Mosaic in the finished beer. 

With the cherry candy flavor of the hop enhancing the sweetness of the malt, pairing the hop with the quite pungent and piney Columbus hop will provide counterpoint to the sweetness in the finished beer. In a west coast style IPA, try a hop bill with Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Columbus. For the malt, utilize 95.4% American 2-Row, 4.1% Simpsons Caramalt 30L and .5% TF&S Dark Crystal II Malt. Ferment with the Omega DIPA Yeast or the American Ale yeast 1056.

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