Caps - Beer Black Crown Oxy Barrier (144/Bag)

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For beer styles requiring extended aging periods, Oxy Caps prove beneficial for bottling styles intended for cellaring, such as high gravity Belgian ales, Barley wines, Imperial ales or any style with high alcohol content. Caps absorb oxygen remaining in the headspace following bottling. Each bag contains enough caps to bottle three 5 – gallon batches while using 12 oz. bottles or 4 batches using 22 oz. bottles.

With each package containing 144 bottle caps, the caps are colored according to description.  Lined with an oxygen absorbing bidule, the cap is designed to prevent bottled beers from developing stale or oxidized flavor characteristics. Fitting standard non screw top bottles, the caps are affixed with a bottle capper such as the Agata Bench or Red Baron style cappers. Sanitize with a standard solution of iodine or star san prior to bottling and do not use with an oxidizing cleaner.  Following contact with sanitizer solution, the caps become activated and are ready for attaching to bottles.

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