Bag - Muslin Grain 5'' x 28''

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Capable of holding 3.5 pounds of grain, the single use Muslin Grain Bag is a great tool for steeping grain in hot water during extract brewing. The Muslin bag provides water full access to milled malted barley during grain steeping procedures while greatly reducing the amount of debris in the kettle.

Application Tip:

Pellet hops expand once wetted and Muslin Hop Bags filled with pellet hops are difficult to remove from carboys following a period of dry hopping.

Muslin Grain bags are an effective alternative for dry hopping in glass carboys. Using a longer Muslin Grain bag and limiting the amount of hops per bag to 1 oz. allows the hops more room to disperse within the bag. Following siphoning, the grain bag is easily extracted through the mouth of the carboy, making clean up simple and less time consuming.

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