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5000 ml borosilicate glass flasks easily handles large yeast starters demanded by larger batches of beer.
For the production of complex flavors and aroma’s, the Belle Saison strain creates fruity, spicy and peppery notes in the finished beer, especially in the classic Saison and Farmhouse styles.
Well-suited for making “100% Brett” beers, the Brett Blend is a combination of two Brettanomyces strains, producing huge tropical fruit aromas during fermentation. During the conditioning phase, the tropical fruit notes will fade somewhat, allowing the flavors to find further balance. With a wide temperature range, the “Where Da Funk” blend ferments quite dry, leaving little body. To create additional body in the finished beer, consider adding flaked oats to the malt bill or lactose prior to or during packaging. While the blend will not produce significant “funk” or acid, even with extended aging, the culture pairs well with fruity aroma hops to produce a rather unique pale ale.
Containing three Lactobacillus strains– brevis, delbrueckii, and plantarum — the Lactobacillus blend ferments across a wide temperature range. The Lactobacillus plantarum strain was isolated in collaboration with Marz Community Brewing from a starter inoculated with whole malt grains and the strain sours efficiently at lower temperatures (65F-100F) compared to other Lactobacillus species.

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