Yield Master 6 in Air-Cooled Reflector

Article number: SYM6REF
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Sun System Yield Master 6-Inch Air-Cooled Reflectors are now completely sealed and feature a hinged tempered glass lens frame with a double gasket for an air-tight seal for maximum cooling efficiency. Includes a built-in mogul socket and 15 foot long lamp cord that attaches to any Sun System remote ballast (not included). A 95% reflective European aluminum interior provides excellent reflectivity and uniformity of the illumination pattern.

New Swing Stop retention cable keeps the tempered lens from abruptly swinging down. The captured thumb screws and closure mechanism provides for ease of use and excellent sealing. Six-inch diameter air-cooling flanges have a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place. Powder-coated galvanized steel housing.

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