Yeast - Practical Guide To Beer Fermentation

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Conceived as a practical resource for brewers of varying experience levels, Yeast provides the reader with a thorough survey of the remarkable living and essential ingredient for transforming wort into beer.

Fully accessible for the home brewer seeking better tasting beer and thoroughly researched and fleshed out for the commercial brewer, the Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation guides the Zymurgist through the latest science and applied techniques for utilizing yeast in 5 – gallon batches or commercial sized breweries.

Authors White and Zainasheff adeptly cover the full range of topics from the importance of yeast to fermentation, biology, selecting the correct strain, storage and handling methods, techniques for culturing and the art of rinsing/washing yeast cultures.

With an extensive section on the process of setting up a lab, the writers provide a complete and practical text for utilizing materials and equipment, equipment lists, the practice of following quality control protocols, and troubleshooting tips.

Finally, a complete guide to understanding the vital, living organism in beer production is available for home and professional brewers. Yeast provides a compendium of technical and sensible advice for appreciating, properly utilizing and culturing yeast in the brew house.

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