Wyeast - Special London ESB Ale

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Extremely flocculent, the 1968 strain produces excellent beers designed for cask conditioning, creating a bright beer within days and without filtration.

With an attenuation level between 67 – 71%, the strain leaves a sweeter finish to the beer upon completion of fermentation, creating a distinctly malty flavor profile in the finished beer. Ales produced with the ESB strain tend to be fruity, increasingly so with higher fermentation temperatures of 70-74°F (21-23° C). Following the completion of fermentation, a thorough rest in the primary is recommended. The yeast cake will require several days to properly absorb the diacetyl before racking to secondary.

Flocculation: Very High

Attenuation: 67-71%

Temperature Range: 64-72F, 18-22C

Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV

Styles: English Barleywine, English IPA, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale), Fruit Beer, Mild, Old Ale, Southern English Brown, Special/Best/Premium Bitter, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer, Standard/Ordinary Bitter, Wood-Aged Beer

Application Tip:

Fruity, malty and leaving a slight residual sweetness in the finished beer, the 1968 strain produces all versions of English bitters and pale ales with fantastic results.  For brewers seeking the classic fruity profile without as much residual sweetness, curtail the amount of caramel/crystal malts in the malt bill.

To achieve the classic caramel malt backbone of the Extra Special Bitter style, formulate the recipe to include ¾ - 1lb. of Crystal/caramel malt for a 5 – gallon batch at O.G. 1.054. Beyond the caramel/crystal malt, include classic earthy hop varieties such as UK Kent Goldings and Fuggles. To create the correct balance between caramel malt and hop, utilize 2 hop additions in the recipe: One at 60 minutes and one at flame out 

For English Mild’s, the 1968 strain provides a nice, fruity facet, complementing the complex flavors gained from the crystal/caramel and chocolate malts featured in the classic style. 

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