Wyeast - Pilsen Lager

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Wyeast 2007 is the classic American lager strain. Mild and neutral, the Pilsen strain produces beers with a nice malty character and a smooth palate.  Fermenting dry and crisp, the yeast produces minimal amounts of sulfur or diacetyl. Beers from the 2007 strain exhibit the characteristics of the most popular lager in America.

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 71-75%

Temperature Range: 48-56F, 9-13C

Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV

Styles: Classic American Pilsner, Dark American Lager, German Pilsner (Pils), Lite American Lager, Premium American Lager, Schwarzbier (Black Beer), Standard American Lager

Application Tip:

For creating an American pilsner with high amounts of rice or corn, the 2007 strain will produce a rich and clean version of the style, definitely finishing crisp.

For a Mexican lager, the yeast will keep the corny aromas and flavors in check, providing a 90 minute boil. By using German Northern Brewer and Czech Saaz hops in the recipe, the yeast allows the hops to shine through with classic noble character. 

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