Wyeast - Dry Mead Wine

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For producing award winning meads, the Wyeast 3632 imparts clean flavors and aromas to the finished mead, producing little or no sulfur and low amounts of foam during fermentation.

To produce high quality meads, following a nutrient addition regimen with Wyeasts Nutrient blend will provide the yeast with the proper blend of nutrition for clean and healthy fermentations. For more information on the regimen, click on any of the honeys on Brew and Grow's website.

Origin: France

Flocculation: Low-medium
Attenuation: NA
Temperature Range: 55-75°F, 13-24°C
Alcohol Tolerance: 18% ABV

   Dry Mead
   Open Category Mead
   Other Fruit Melomel
   Pyment (Grape Melomel)

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