Wyeast - British Ale II

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Typical of British and Canadian ale fermentation profile with good flocculating and malty flavor characteristics, finishing crisp, clean and fairly dry.

Flocculation: High

Attenuation: 73-76%

Temperature Range: 63-75° F (17-24° C)

Alcohol Tolerance: Approximately 10% ABV

Styles: American Brown Ale, Brown Porter, Cream Ale, Dry Stout, English Barleywine, English IPA, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale), Foreign Extra Stout, Irish Red Ale, Northern English Brown Ale, Special/Best/Premium Bitter, Standard/Ordinary Bitter

Application Tip:

For producing English Plain Porters and English or Irish Stouts, the 1335 softens the roast character of dark malts, producing a smoother version of the classic ales from the British isles. If the above beers include flame out additions of Fuggle hops, the malty profile accents the earthy nature of Fuggles hops.

In ales with a significant amount of gypsum, enough to produce 100 ppm of Calcium and 200 ppm of Sulfate in the mash water, the British II strain still creates a British bitter or English style IPA with a pleasing malt backbone while accentuating the presence of hops in the finished beer.

For Northern English Brown Ales, the strain easily attenuates the parameters of the style while allowing the caramel/crystal malt backbone of Northern English Browns.

When utilized in American Brown Ales, the British II still maintains enough malt presence while attenuating enough for hops such as Cascade or Centennial to punch through the caramel/crystal malts used in the style.

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