Wyeast - Brett Bruxellensis

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Isolated from brewery cultures in the Brussels region of Belgium, the Bruxellensis Lambicus strain of wild yeast produces the classic “sweaty horse blanket” character of indigenous beers such as gueuze, lambics and sour browns. The strain is generally fermented in conjunction with S. cerevisiae, as well as other wild yeast and lactic bacteria. For flavor characteristics to fully develop, at least 3-6 months aging is generally required and the wild yeast may form a pellicle in bottles or casks.

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: Very High

Temperature Range: 60-75° F (15-24° C)

Alcohol Tolerance: Approximately 12% ABV

Styles: Flanders Red Ale, Fruit Lambic, Gueuze, Straight (Unblended) Lambic

Application Tip:

Prior to inoculating wort with Brett Brux, a clean culture such as 1388 Belgian Strong or 1762 Belgian Abbey II may begin fermentation. Once the wort has been reduced to around 1.014 – 1.018, add the 5112 strain. Adding the wild strain near the end of fermentation will cause the Brett Brux to work harder to produce the customary flavors and esters associated with the yeast strain.

While utilizing Brett Brux strains, maintain a separate set of equipment utilized only for wild yeast or bacterial strains and not for standard strains. Brett strains are especially difficult to eliminate from surfaces and can infect beers, creating sourness in the finished beer.  

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