Wyeast - Belgian Saison

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A classic farmhouse ale yeast, the Saison strain is a traditional Belgian yeast with spicy and complex aromatics, including bubble gum. Quite tart and dry on the palate, the 3724 yeast creates mild fruitiness with a crisp, mildly acidic finish. Easily benefit from elevated fermentation temperatures, the strain is notorious for a rapid and vigorous start to fermentation, only to stick around 1.035 S.G. Fermentation will finish, given time and warm temperatures. Warm fermentation temperatures, at least 90°F (32°C), or the use of a secondary strain can accelerate attenuation.

Flocculation: Low

Attenuation: 76-80%

Temperature Range: 70-95F, 21-35C

Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV

Styles: Saison

Application Tip:

Patience definitely pays off. Provide at least 1 month for fermentation to reach completion, especially at temperatures below 80F. With increased temperature, the yeast strain may finish faster than at cooler temperatures.

The 3724 strain is less spicy than the 3711 with the overall fruitiness being brighter and less phenolic.

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