Wyeast - All-American Ale II

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Producing a soft, clean profile with hints of nut and a slightly tart finish, the All American Ale strain creates favorable flavor and aroma characteristics desired in the broad range of American beer styles. The strains versatility provides brewers with an excellent choice for a “House” yeast. The All American yeast consistently performs. Ferment at warmer temperatures to accentuate hop character with an increased fruitiness. Or, ferment cool for a clean, light citrus character. It attenuates well and is reliably flocculent, producing bright beer without filtration.

Flocculation: Medium-High

Attenuation: 72-76%

Temperature Range: 60-72F, 15-22C

Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV

 American Amber Ale, American Brown Ale, American IPA, American Pale Ale, American Stout, Blonde Ale, Fruit Beer, Imperial IPA, Wood-Aged Beer

Application Tip:

As an alternative to 1056 in the production of moderately to aggressively hopped American Pale’s and Bitters. The 1272 strain produces a slightly fruitier flavor profile in the finished beer. The fruitiness of yeast makes the hops pop, ably complementing the citrus, floral, piney, tropical fruit notes of American varieties of hops.

For Blonde ales, the yeast strain enhances the spicy, fruity qualities of Czech Saaz or Hallertau Mittlefruh while allowing enough room for the malt to shine through.

For Imperial IPA styles, the strain attenuates highly fermentable worts created by lower mash temperatures and simple sugars added into the kettle, leaving the hops to punch through the malt backbone. 

At fermentation temps in the lower to mid 60’s, the 1272's fruitiness acts as counterpoint to the caramel malt of Amber ale’s and works well in the style with American hops such as Simcoe, Glacier, Amarillo and the Australian varietal, Galaxy.

To produce further flocculation, slowly lowering the temperature of the fermented beer by about 10 degrees a day, down to 40 F, will cause most of the remaining cells to sediment over the course of several days.

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