Titan Controls Saturn 5 Digital Env Controller

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The Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller by Titan Controls is an advanced environmental controller that enables the user to remotely control desired temperature and humidity settings, operate a carbon dioxide (CO2) controller, an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier, as well as equipment when it is dark. The Saturn 5 also gives the indoor grower the ability to set different day and nighttime temperatures.

The Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller features an LCD easy-to-read display and color coded buttons for no fail programming. The Saturn 5 can also log minimum and maximum temperatures as well as humidity. Comes with a 15-foot long remote sensor and a photocell for nighttime control. High-impact plastic enclosure protects internal components from dust, rust and moisture.

See the attached diagram for Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller's climate control capabilities.

The Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller measures 9 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 3 and 3/4 inches deep. Humidity control range between 5% and 95% non-condensing relative humidity (RH) with an accuracy of +/- 3% RH of desired setting. Temperature control settings range between 41 degrees F. and 113 degrees with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree F. Operates in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Input/Output voltage is 120 Volts; Maximum amperage 14.5 Amps; Operating Hertz: 60 Hz.; 3-year manufacturers warranty.

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