Regulator Secondary 5/16B, Plug, 60 lb Gauge

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For home brewers with disparate styles on tap, each requiring different degrees of carbonation, Secondary regulator’s provide control of carbonation levels, allowing for exact carbonation amounts to achieve a proper and professional presentation, especially while several Secondary Regulators are chained together in series.


  • 5/16” Gas pass through barb
  • 5/16” Gas outlet barb
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 60 lb. gauge
  • Removable brass plug for installation of Regulator Connector
  • Mounting Bracket

Application Tip:

To properly control carbonation levels at the Secondary Regulator, set the Primary Regulator’s output to between 40 and 45 PSI. With the CO2 output from the tank adjusted as described, the Secondary Regulator’s output range can be varied between 0 – 45 PSI, providing a wide range of CO2 output: High for forced carbonation (30 – 40) and low (2 – 10) for serving. 

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