Mark's Keg Washer

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For brewing clean, great tasting beer, proper cleaning and sanitation practices are a must. Marks Keg Washer makes embracing your inner janitor quick and trouble-free. Easily cleans and sanitizes Cornelius type kegs, carboys, pails, strainers, thermometers and hoses and just about any other tool used in the brewing process. Tubing and keg disconnects are not included.


    • 1.25 gallon capacity basin; chemically resistant and highly stain proof.
    • Strong and durable design.
    • Center holding rack
    • 520 gallon per hour pump with 3 types of hose adaptors
    • Jet nozzle pipe for spraying cleaner or sanitizing solution
    • Supplied with 2 tube barbs and T adaptor


On brew day or during beer transfer operations, Mark’s Keg Washer should be the first piece of equipment set up and the last thing stored away.

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