Making Wild Wines & Meads (Vargas/Gullings)

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With a brief discussion on the bare essentials of equipment required for home wine making, Vargas and Gullings offer clear explanations on introductory processes, utilizing additives, tips on clarification and bottling. With plenty of recipes for mead, melomel, spicy metheglin’s and wine produced from fruit and even tomato and honeysuckle, the author’s offer thoroughly tested recipes with a myriad of ingredients and a wide range of styles.

With concise recipes and instruction, Making Wild Wines and Meads allows the beginning wine maker to create great tasting beverages, easily impressing friends and family. Recipes in the book include, Apricot Wine, Dry Mead, Marigold Wine, Almond Wine, Cherry Melomel, Cranberry Claret, Pea Pod Wine, Lemon-Thyme Metheglin, Strawberry Wine, and Rose Hip Melomel.

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