Liberty Pellets 1 oz

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With a mild and slightly spicy character, Liberty displays similar aroma and flavor characteristics to imported German aroma varieties, especially Hallertau.

Often utilized for finishing American and German ales and lagers, Liberty provides a pleasant floral aroma with aspects of spice, lemon and citrus.

Typical A. A: 3 – 5%

Possible Substitutions: US or German Hallertau, German Tradition, Mt. Hood

Application Tip:

As an alternative to Hallertau, Liberty produces an earthy quality in the finished beer. Liberty has an earthy aroma similar to Hersbrucker. For a Black Saison, add Liberty as the bittering addition, allowing the hop to complement the dark malts such as de-husked Carafa malts and de-bittered Belgian black malt.

In a chocolate mint stout, add Liberty at 60 minutes remaining to provide a clean bittering quality to complement 1 oz fresh mint leaves at 5 minutes remaining and a single hard candy mint added at flameout for a 5 – gallon batch.

For American style pilsner or Danish lager, add Liberty at 60 minutes remaining in the boil to create a clean bitterness. To contribute a spicy quality in the above beers, include ½ oz to 1 oz of Hallertau Mittelfruh with 15 minutes or less remaining in the boil. 

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