Joy of Home Winemaking (Garey)

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By following simple recipes, delectable table wines can be created at home, resulting in pleasure for the amateur wine maker, friends and family during mealtime or conversation.  Fun, and surprisingly easy, the Joy of Home Winemaking provides the beginning home vintner with a solid foundation of knowledge and technique for creating simple wines with plenty of flavor.

Successful home wine making stems from the quick and direct instructions enclosed in the text. Filled with an array of tasty and tasteful recipes, the Joy of Home Winemaking provides guidelines for producing raisin, raspberry, apricot, canned cherry, elderberry...and a whole range of wines while utilizing every fruit and spice imaginable.

Beginning with a tip-laden introduction, The Joy of Home Winemaking offers useful advice and guidance on the additives utilized in home wine making, the techniques and equipment for 1 – gallon batches, aging, bottling, racking, blending of wines, advanced topics and culminates with several appendixes.

Covering topics such as the creation of liqueurs, tips for entering and judging competitions, a short compendium of guidelines and cheat sheets, troubleshooting guidelines, a glossary of terms and a list of references composes the appendixes. And the recipes… over a hundred recipes for great-tasting fruit wines, spice wines, herb wines, sparkling wines, sherries and liqueurs are included in the text and will prove delightful to the wine maker and wine aficionado alike.

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