Hydroton Original 50 Liter

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Predominantly used as a soil replacement for hydroponics, Hydroton is used to fill plastic net cups in aeroponic and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) systems, as a medium for drip irrigation systems, or as a medium for container gardening. Hydroton is a clay aggregate manufactured exclusively in high-tech kilns in Germany and is well suited for growing larger plants, like tomatoes, peppers, and banana trees. It holds water extremely well and transmits it effectively to the plant roots. The pellets are uniform in size and have an attractive, natural appearance. Hydroton is a chemically-inert medium with a neutral pH, and is reusable, clean, and odorless. It’s the medium of choice in the Waterfarm, Power Grower, and AeroFlow. Available in 10 liter and 50 liter bags. The 10 liter bag will fill approximately 24 - 3", 12 - 5.5", or 4 - 8" net pots.

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