Brewmometer - 1/2" NPT

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Manufactured as a precision instrument, the BrewMometer’sTM unique dial face is printed with typical temperature target ranges used in various stages of the brewing process. The BrewMometerTM is designed to eliminate errors and develop consistency in the brewing process, providing typically accepted temperature ranges for,

  • Dough-in
  • Protein Rest
  • Starch Conversion
  • Lautering procedures including Mash out and Sparge Water.

Since many of the procedures and properties of brewing are subjective, the selected temperatures should be used as guidelines, not as hard limits.

Thermometer threads easily and smoothly into a ½” female brew kettle port. To prevent leaking, wrap Teflon tape over ½” threads prior to placing in port. Provides temperature readout in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Application Tip:

The manufacturer recommends an easy method for calibrating a BrewMometerTM installed in a brewing kettle. Fill the kettle with de-ionized or distilled water and bring to a full rolling boil. Once boil is reached adjust the calibration screw until the dial reads 212 F.

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