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Odor Control Disk for Vaportronic cabinet


The Vaportronic is an electronic wall-mount odor control system made by the renown odor control experts, Vaportek. The Vaportronic uses odor control disks instead of an aerosol can. The advantage to the disk system is the ability to use 1 disk for moderate control or up to 5 disk for strong odor control. The Vaportronic wall cabinet treats areas up to 10,000 cu/ft. It requires one D-cell battery. Uses up to five EZ-Twist replacement disks (sold separately). The EZ-Twist replacement disks are available in Neutral, Lemon, and Forest.


When gardening hydroponically or in traditional large-scale indoor or home environments, humidity, the use of fertilizers and other nutrient solutions, as well as organic matter and bacteria, can often release odors.

Measures can be taken to reduce those odors through the use of the appropriate planting media and fertilizers, and removal of plant debris and ventilation, but odors are still common.

To combat offensive grow-room odors, Vaportek’s safe, environmentally friendly treatment systems are easy to use and do not adversely affect people, plants, pets or the environment.

Through the use of natural essential oil formulations that are released as a “dry vapor” into the treatment area, problem odors are eliminated — not masked or covered up! The compounds are able to penetrate porous substances such as wallboard, wood, carpeting, furniture, insulation and other surfaces, permanently neutralizing imbedded odors through molecule-pairing technology, and treating the contents, structure and atmosphere simultaneously.

Unlike ozone generators, which have strict safety regulations and potential negative effects, Vaportek products require no special training or precautions.

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