Snap Fittings

Product Name Price Qty
1" Slip-T Fitting
1.5" Slip-T Fitting
1" 3-Way Fitting
1.5" 3-Way Fitting
1" 4-Way Fitting
1.5" 4-Way Fitting
Snap Fitting 5 Way 1"
Snap Fitting 5 Way 1.5"
Snap Fitting - End Cap 1''


Snap Fittings are for building pipe structures out of regular PCV water pipe. You can find normal "L" and "T" fittings at your local hardware store, but you will need Snap Fittings for the corners. You can use Snap Fittings to build table frames for our trays. These fittings also can be used for constructing a cold frame or a greenhouse.

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