Phytoseiulus Persimillis

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Spider Mite Control


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Growers throughout the world have proven the usefulness of this predator mite, Phytoseiulus Persimilis, in the control of spider mites. The adult predatory mite, which is reddish-orange, consumes from 5 to 20 of the spider mite adults or eggs daily, and is harmless to people and plants. The female lays over 50 eggs that reach maturity in half the time it takes spider mites to develop.

When the food source is gone, the predator will die off.

Optimum temperature range for P. Persimilis is 60 to 90º Fahrenheit. At the first sign of spider mites order the predatory mites at a rate of at least 2 per square foot on plants under 3 feet. Add additional mites for every 3 feet of height. Reintroduce every 2 weeks until control has been attained. Large infestations of spider mites may be reduced by spraying with Safer's Insecticidal Soap prior to the release of persimilis. Order a minimum of 5 mites per square foot for every foot of plant height.

Application: Shake bottle to mix up the contents. Sprinkle contents on leaves near the mite infestation. Apply predators to every plant in the garden.

Do not apply predators directly under a hot bulb; if the plant is under a bulb apply the predators on the lower leaves.

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