Olivia's Cloning Solution

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Olivia's Cloning Solution 32 Ounce


Olivia's Cloning Solution is an extremely effective liquid rooting solution that stimulates rapid root development, feeds new cuttings as they root, and reduces transplant shock. Use with all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, indoors or out, hydroponically or soil grown.

Simply soak your choice of rooting medium with Olivia's Solution prior to sticking, draining off any excess. Add additional solution as needed to rooting media moist until root formation. For even better results, use in conjuction with Olivia's Cloning Gel. Contains rooting hormone, anti-fungal agents and a complete nutrient base for sure success.

Available in 32 ounce and one gallon resealable bottles. One quart concentrate makes five gallons of cutting solution, one gallon makes 21 gallons.

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