Nutrilife SM-90 1 Liter

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For Treatment of Root Disease: SM-90 is a root disease inhibitor which controls common anaerobic fungal and bacterial pathogens. Effective treatment for root disease from ascomycetes pathogens including fusarium, pythium, rhizoctonia, phytopthera, sclerotinia, etc. See reverse page for a listing. When added in small quantities directly to plant nutrient solutions, root disease infestations are inhibited and new root growth emerges. Treated plants develop greater root area and root runs and exhibit a generally healthier root development.

For treatment of tissue fungus (stem and leaf): When applied directly to foliage or stem SM-90 is an effective agent to treat for many molds, mildew and leaf spot, etc. Effective treatment for botrytis, blight, fusarium, leaf mold, rhizoctonia stem rot, sclerotinia stem rot and others. SM-90 is prepared from natural plant oils and is completely non toxic to humans, animals or of course plants. It is totally biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

For treatment of insect infestation: When applied directly to foliage or grow mediums SM-90 is an effective agent to discourage and eliminate many common pests including aphids, thrips, spider mite, and whitefly, etc. It is believed to act as a systemic to inhibit insect colonization and to deter reinfestation.

Additional Benefits: Controlled lab and greenhouse tests revealed an unexpected benefit that was observed with the treated subjects. Results indicate that SM-90 dramatically increases the transpiration rate which improves the plants water and nutrient uptake capability. The plants treated consistently used 30% more water and nutrients than the control plants. This would result in an increased metabolism and accelerated growth rate.

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