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Decaf Organic El Mago - A satisfying cup that offers up sweet Clementine orange and creamy vanilla notes with a good deal of milk chocolate.

El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend - El Gallo offers a soft and round mouthfeel with a mellow acidity, milk chocolate, and a toasted pecan finish.

El Diablo Dark Roast - Our flagship dark roast offers a different look at some of the coffees we have available each season.  Our Roasting Team tailors the roast to bring out dark baker's chocolate notes  with a caramelized sweetness and softened acidity.  Lasting impressions of molasses and malted barley linger in the smoky finish.


Intelligentsia’s buying team cumulatively spends over 365 days each year at source. We do not just buy coffees; we actually develop them while working alongside our growers. Our coffees are unlike any others, and they are exclusive to Intelligentsia. We take insights, practices and expertise in preparation and processing garnered from our work around the globe and apply them to each of our Direct Trade coffees to make them the absolute best they can be.

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