Everything you need to get your garden going from seeds or cuttings!

Plant Propagation/ Seed Starting

Rooting and cloning products are specially formulated with hormones, nutrients, and vitamins to promote rapid root growth and prevent root rot.
We offer a wide variety of cutting and seed starting media including plugs and cubes to insure a successful start to your garden.
Nursery flats or trays are required for starting seeds and clones. Adding a humidity dome creates a seedling friendly environment.
Cloning machines spray a very fine mist of highly oxygenated water on your cuttings, helping to formulate root systems in as little as one week.
Heats mats, especially when used in conjunction with thermostats, help create optimal temperature ranges for starting seeds and clones.
Plant labels and row markers are essential for keeping track of different varieties of seedlings and for marking individual species in your garden.
Fluorescent lighting is the most efficient light source for starting seeds and cloning plants of all kinds.