Complete hydroponic systems including ebb and flow, drip, passive and aeroponics make growing your own garden harvest easy.
Hydroponic grow trays capture fertilizer run-off and keep your garden clean. We carry a large selection of trays in a variety of sizes and colors.
Hydroponic reservoirs are used to store nutrient solution. When used in conjunction with a water pump, they make feeding your plants easy.
Growing mediums, or substrates, are typically inert and used to support a plants root system. We offer media for virtually every style of hydroponics.
Air pumps aerate and oxygenate nutrient solution to prevent root rot and encourage healthy root growth. Find pumps and accessories here.
Hydroponic water pumps transport nutrient solution to your plants from your reservoir and are available in a wide variety of pumping capabilities.
Plants may go into shock if your nutrient solution is cold. Water heaters are a great tool to warm your nutrient solution during cold seasons.
Nutrient reservoir water chillers help cool your nutrient solution in warmer climates to prevent early bolting and keep plant roots happy.
Water sources can vary in their mineral contents, filtration and Reverse Osmosis assures a clean start to your nutrient solution.
Proper watering is an essential part of plant care. We offer irrigation options from watering cans to drip irrigation to hydroponics.
Hydroponic cycle timers automate the feeding and watering cycles in active hydroponic plant growing systems by controlling the pump.
Dialing in your solution's pH and nutrient levels to accurate ranges is key to promoting nutrient uptake, leading to healthy, happy plants.
Dialing in your solution's pH to suitable ranges is key to promoting nutrient uptake. Use pH up and down to help maintain a suitable range.