General Hydroponics FloraBlend Vegan Plant Booster

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General Hydroponics FloraBlend is a vegan plant booster that is fermented from a select blend of plant materials plus seaweed and rock powders.

Use FloraBlend during germination, with cuttings, and during the vegetative, flowering, and ripening stages of plant growth.

For Hydroponics: Mix your usual nutrient solution and add between 5 and 10 ml of FloraBlend per 4 liters of solution, or 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon.

For Soil: Add between 5 and 10 ml to 4 liters of water, or 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon, then apply according to your normal watering schedule.

Derived from Alfalfa meal, brewers yeast, cottonseed meal, potassium sulfate, rock phosphate, sea kelp, and soybean meal. 100% plant and mineral based, contains no animal derived ingredients.

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