Calypso Hop Pellets | 1 Ounce

Crisp, fruity aroma. Flavour of Apples, pears, stone fruit and lime citrus. While the varieties alpha acid levels often range between 12-14%, Calypso is regarded as a dual purpose type and can be utilized in every stage of the brewing process.



Calypso is a Yakima Valley bred, dual-purpose diploid hop with Hopsteiner lineage on both sides. Despite its aroma-focused origins, it boasts a high alpha acid percentage. In addition to this, Calypso features crisp, fruity aromas and flavors that exhibit elements of apple, pear and stone fruit brightened with hints of lime citrus. It is marvelously complex with an almost understated earthy, tea-like note.


Typical A.A: 12%-14%

Possible Substitutions: ??

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Dual Purpose

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