Can-Fan Centrifugal Inline Duct Fans

Product Name Price Qty
Can-Fan S 400 Centrifugal Inline Fan 4-Inch 120CFM
Can-Fan S 600 Centrifugal Inline Fan 6-Inch 269CFM
Can-Fan S 800 Centrifugal Inline Fan 8-Inch 483CFM
Can-Fan RS4HO HO Centrifugal Inline Fan 4-Inch 155CFM
Can-Fan RS6HO HO Centrifugal Inline Fan 6-Inch 392CFM
Can-Fan RS8HO HO Centrifugal Inline Fan 8-Inch 722CFM
Can-Fan RS10HO HO Centrifugal Inline Fan 10-Inch 763CFM


Can-Fans brings innovation to the indoor gardening market and sets a new standard for performance. The outstanding efficiency of Can-Fans combined with a full range of standard and high output models clearly sets them apart from the competition.

Can-Fan Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans are constructed with a heavy-duty powder coated steel housing and include a grounded power cord (connection required). Rated for continuous operation, Can Fans can be utilized in commercial or residential applications.

Compact, quiet, easy installation, all Can Fans are certified to CSA and UL standards and include a mounting bracket and a complete 5 year warranty.

We offer Can-Fans in a 4-inch duct, 123 cubic feet per minute (CFM) standard output or a 4-inch duct, 155 CFM High Output version; a 6-inch duct, 269 CFM standard output or a 6-inch duct, 392 CFM High Output version; an 8-inch duct, 483 CFM standard output or an 8-inch duct, 722 CFM High Output version; a 10-inch duct, 761 CFM High Output version; and a 12-inch duct, 975 CFM High Output version.




4-Inch 2640 115 68 0.69 123 1.65 4-Inch 4
4-Inch HO 2600 115 78 1.15 155 1.73 4-Inch 5.5
6-Inch 2750 115 82 0.69 269 1.72 6-Inch 6
6-Inch HO 2940 115 138 1.15 392 2.08 6-Inch 12
8-Inch 2950 115 139 1.16 483 2.16 8-Inch 10
8-Inch HO 2950 115 283 2.36 722 3.2 8-Inch 10.5
10-Inch HO 2760 115 283 2.36 761 3.14 10-Inch 13.5
12-Inch HO 3130 115 365 3.04 975 3.44 12-Inch 16

*Performance shown is for installation type D - Ducted inlet, Ducted outlet. Speed (RPM) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test. Performance ratings do not include the effects of appurtenances in the airstream. Static Pressure in inches W.G.

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