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Wine Making Supplies

For musts derived from fruit and requiring a bit more “bite”, Citric Acid will further enhance the acidity of fruit wines. Found in fruits such as oranges, lemons, and pineapples, Citric Acid will provide a 'citrusy' tang and is typically used in wines naturally lacking in acidity.
Inexpensive Oak Chips provide quick and simple means of introducing oak qualities to finished wines and beers.
With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors, the new California Moscato produces a high quality wine and is ready to enjoy within one month following bottling. Winexpert created the wine by utilizing the finest juice from the worlds best vineyards while specifiying the most appropriate yeast to complement the style.
Wyeast nutrient is a blend of vitamins, minerals, inorganic nitrogen, organic nitrogen, zinc, phosphates and other trace elements that will benefit yeast growth and complete fermentation.
For musts derived from fruit and requiring a bit more “bite”, Citric Acid will further enhance the acidity of fruit wines.
Acid Blend is commonly used in fruit wines to provide adjustment of acid levels, creates “bite in finished wine, prevents the color of a wine from fading and assists in preservation of the wine.
Sodium Metabisulfite is a wine sanitizer and preservative created to prevent microbial and oxidation spoilage in musts.
A strong and even fermenter, the strain produces full-bodied reds while encouraging the development of varietal fruit flavors, balanced by complex aromas, especially during fermentation of grapes from the Cabernet family.
Sanitizer available in powdered form, Potassium Metabisulfite acts as a wine preservative, preventing microbial and oxidation spoilage in musts.
Gelatin Finings precipitates degraded yeast cells, haze forming proteins and tannins from beer. Having undergone carbonic maceration, highly tannic red wines may benefit from Gelatin Fining as Gelatin will remove some of the excess tannins during clarification, resulting in a more balanced wine.
Ascorbic Acid provides anti- oxidative properties and prevents discoloration in wines and adds to stability and preservation of wine qualities.
Pectic Enzyme can be added to grapes, apples and other pectin heavy fruit prior to crushing to increase yield and prevent pectin related problems. Pectic enzyme aids in the prevention of haze in wines by removing excessive pectin and assists in the extraction of tannin from grape skins in the production of red wines.
Used as a stabilizer. Use 1/2 tsp per gallon to prevent renewed fermentation when bottling. Use in wine you intend to sweeten or that's still sweet after fermentation is finished. Will not stop a fermentation that is in progress, but will stop a new one from starting. Use with Campden tablets or potassium metabisulphite.
With a complete commitment to quality, Winexpert crafted the Cabernet Sauvignon to showcase the bold classic style in an affordable and easy kit.
Powerfully structured, the Vintners Reserve chardonnay shows a crisp, mineral character and a refreshing floral aroma.
Firm and dry, Chianti is the signature red wine style from the famous Tuscany region of Italy. Superb with veal or spicy pasta, the Vintners Reserve Chianti is characteristically tannic and robust, bursting with flavours of berries, spices and herbs.
Characteristically deep in colour with black cherry and berry aromas, the lush fruit of the Vintners Reserve Merlot meets soft appealing tannins and a perfect kiss of oak.
Richly complex with fruit and spice characteristics, the Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir offers a strawberry-blackberry nose and a velvety full finish with hints of black currants.
The Vintners Reserve Riesling produces a light, refreshing, well-balanced white wine. Smooth and easy to drink, the wine starts with flavors and aromas of fresh melon, has a smooth, light to medium body and finishes crisp and slightly tart.
Full and dry, with a fruity, herbaceous character, the Sauvignon Blanc finishes crisp and clean. For pairing with foods, the wine proves versatile, matching with a wide range of herbs, spices and flavourings.
Australia's own big red entry on the world stage, the Vintners Reserve Shiraz boasts an incredible concentrated blend of blackberry fruit, spice and chocolate. A stunning, mouth-filling, dark and delicious treat, the wines firm structure, binds the flavors together, beautifully.
Uniquely Californian, White Zinfindel is a pleasureable treat. Literally bursting with sweet plum flavours and a refreshing, flavourful finish, savour fully chilled and enjoy the wine with the distinct magenta blush.
The Double Lever Corker is a great choice for the budget conscious winemaker bottling 5 – gallon batches.
Standard sized wine bottles easily contains enough wine for four servings of wine and work well for small dinner parties.
The Portuguese Floor Corker will cork 375 ml, 750 ml, or 1.5 liter wine bottles. Does not fit Bellissima bottles.
The Plunger Corker is a simple and economical tool for winemakers bottling small batches.
Plastic Tasting corks provide a simple, temporary closure for wine bottles following the removal of the long-term storage cork.
8 x 1 ¾ corks are a great option for use with plastic plunger type corkers. Easily fits standard 375 ml wine bottles.
The Italian Floor Corker is best suited for home winemakers with multiple or high volume batches or home wine makers simply wishing to quickly and efficiently cork a 5 – gallon batch.
1.5 L wine bottles provide a practical volume of wine for larger social gatherings, holding twice the amount as standard sized bottles.
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