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Selected for the strains fast fermentation character, the 04 yeast is a popular commercial English ale yeast. Following fermentation, the 04 yeast flocculates and sediments swiftly, improving clarity in the finished beer.
Ready-to-pitch, the dry American ale yeast produces well-balanced beers with low diacetyl and a clean, crisp finish. During fermentation, the O5 presents a firm, foamy krausen and the yeast stays in suspension during fermentation, allowing for further attenuation.
Selected for wheat beer fermentations, the 06 strain remains in suspension during fermentation and conditioning. For the Creation of highly drinkable beers, the specialty yeast strain produces subtle esters and phenol flavors typical of wheat beers.
A popular general-purpose yeast, the S-33 displays robust fermentation properties and consistent performance. For the production of superb flavors, the strain produces a varied range of top fermented specialty beers, including Belgian style wheat beers, Trappists, etc.
Selected for the strains somewhat peppery and spicy ester and flavor development, the T-58 is a specialty yeast recommended for producing beers destined for bottle conditioning.
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