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Water Treatment

5.2 is a proprietary blend of food-grade phosphate buffers (similar to brewer’s salts) for locking in mash and kettle water at a pH of 5.2 regardless of the starting pH of the source water.
Burton Salts are a mixture of Gypsum and Papain and is designed to increase the Calcium and Sulfate content of water, offering brewers added acidity with the Calcium and accentuation of hops from the Sulfate. The Papain provides stability and chill haze prevention. Packaged in 1/3 oz volumes
Calcium Carbonate or food grade chalk contributes to increases in pH, water hardness and alkalinity. Carbonate functions as a buffering agent against mash acidity, neutralizing the higher acid content of dark roasted malts.
When added to mash water or wort, Calcium Chloride accentuates sweetness and maltiness in the overall flavor profile of a finished beer.
Food grade compound of calcium and sulfate commonly associated with beers from the Burton – on – Trent region of Britain. Gypsum increases calcium content and lowers pH, providing acidification to mash water. Sulfate content improves quality of hop bitterness. The compound enhances clarity, stability, dryness and generally rounds out the flavors in beer.
Lactic Acid lowers mash pH and is best added to brewing water before dough-in of malt bill. Beyond mash pH, Lactic Acid is often utilized in the reduction of sparge water pH.
One of the three major acids found in grapes, Malic Acid can be used to increase the acidity in wines and ciders while decreasing pH.
Campden Tablets are a wine preservative and sterilant formulated to prevent microbial and oxidation spoilage in musts or finished wines.
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