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Hibiscus Flower 2.5oz
The fruit of roses, Rose Hips impart a delicate citrus aroma and flavor to mead and wine. The fruit may be added to primary or secondary fermentor.
Paradise Seeds or Grains of Paradise imparts pepper, citrus and pine notes to the flavor and aroma of finished beers.
For use in Porters, Stouts and dark ales
Licorice Root contributes licorice flavors to porter, stouts and darker ales. Improves head retention in finished beers. Typically use ¼  oz to  ½  oz. in the final 15 minutes of the boil. <
A major component of Sa’s’parilla soda, Indian Sarsaparilla blends well with Sassafras root, creating the correct flavor profile for the soft drink.
The principal ingredient in the legendary liqueur Absinthe, wormwoods use dates back to before 1600 BC. While utilized historically as a beverage ingredient, the FDA advises against the internal consumption of wormwood due to the substance thujone. Though wormwood is still found in the production of Vermouth & Campari,the spice in the liqeurs is a variety other than Artemisia absinthium.
Native to the British Isles, Elder Flowers produces a fruity and floral aroma similar to Muscat grapes. When raw, Elder Flowers are toxic and require boiling.
Most commonly associated with spiced ales and Belgian styles, especially Wits and Saisons. Provides a zesty, citrus flavor and most commonly used in conjunction with orange peel. Must be crushed prior to introduction in the boil.
Common component of dark spiced ales and used in conjunction with nutmeg, orange peel or allspice to provide the coziness associated with winter warmers and holiday ales. Cinnamon is also also found in recipes for ciders, sodas, coffees and teas.
Dried Ginger Root is far more concentrated than fresh root and requires smaller amounts to impart ginger aroma and flavor.
Cardamom is found in many Belgian style ales and often in combination with orange peel and coriander, providing cola like flavor to finished beers. In Mead making, Cardomom supplies an astringent drying quality to metheglin.
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