Extract ingredient kits are pre-assembled to simplify brewing. Most kits include malt extract, hops and yeast.
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Lager Ingredient Kits

By combining Munich, Vienna and caramel malts, the Brewers Best Vienna Lager delivers rich malt aroma with a moderate hopping rate while the beer finishes clean and dry with nary a fruity ester.
Amber in hue and featuring a pleasant blend of Munich and crystal malts, the German Oktoberfest recipe kit produces a medium-bodied, malty beer.  With a caramalt aroma and silky mouthfeel, the Brewers Best version of the classic style from Bavaria finishes with a marked hop flavor.
The Brewers Best Continental Pilsner recipe was created to replicate the classic style of the Czech Republic. The pilsner malt extract produces a beer the hue of straw and ferments to dryness with ample hop bitterness.
Utilizing the traditional combination of pilsner malt, rice and corn adjuncts, the American Light recipe kit produces a light-bodied, refreshing and thirst quenching beer. Easy to brew, the classic American style provides an excellent entry to craft brewing.
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