Cooling your wort quickly after boil helps reduce the possibility of contamination and off-flavors.
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Wort Chillers

Easily cleaned and sanitized, our 25’ Immersion Wort Chiller perfectly fits our 20, 30 and 32 qt. kettles. and lowers wort temperatures much faster than using an ice bath.
$4.99 - $4.99
The Female connector easily threads to Sill Cocks or other Garden hose type connections while the Male Disconnect threads to the Female Garden Hose connector attached to garden hoses.
Designed to chill 5 – gallons in as little as 10 minutes, the rugged Stainless Steel Chiller cools wort quickly and effectively through the process of heat exchange.
Back flushing a plate chiller is a crucial aspect of a thorough cleaning regimen following chilling operations. 
The Therminator™ heat exchanger is the fastest way to chill wort to yeast pitching temperature and get fermentation off to a quick, bacteria-free start.
Easily cleaned and sanitized, the 50’ wort chiller perfectly fits our 40, 60 and 80 qt. kettles.
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