Make racking simple by getting the right equipment. Find racking canes and tubing here.
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Clear food grade tubing commonly attached to 5/16” ID Auto-Siphon for siphoning beverages from one vessel to the next.
Clear food grade tubing for use with 3/8” ID racking canes and auto siphons.
High Temp tubing is ideal for the transfer of hot water and wort during brewing processes, especially from boiling vessel to wort chiller.
Clear, food grade tubing fits larger ½ ID Auto-Siphon and ½” hose barbs.
Tubing commonly used during fermentation with one end of a 3 – foot length placed in the opening of a glass carboy while the opposite end is immersed in a “blow off” bucket filled with sanitizer solution.
Clamp attaches to 3/8” tubing to shut off or slacken flow during siphoning or other transferring operations.
For increased control during siphoning or transferring operations, use the Large Shut Off Clamp attached to 3/8” or 1/2" tubing to shut off or slacken flow.
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