All grain equipment like grain mills, mash tuns, false bottoms and spargers can be found here.
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All Grain Equipment

The Heavy Duty MALTMILL is an authentic roller mill designed to produce textbook quality milled grain.
The Stainless Steel False Bottom fits into our 9 and 15 – gallon Economy Kettle with ½” NPT fittings and our 10 – gallon Igloo Cooler Mash Tun.
For brewers looking to go big, our heavy-duty mash paddle quickly and reliably stirs through the thickest mashes, especially in larger mash tuns.
The Blichmann Top Tier Stand provides flexibility in configuration, allowing home brewers to upgrade while still utilizing existing equipment or incorporating Blichmann products.
The Installation Kit contains the flexible gas tubing, mounting brackets, needle valve and hardware for properly mounting the burner to the central support of the stand.
The Top Tier Shelf for the Blichmann Top Tier Stand measures 16" X 16" and is rated to support a weight of 150 lbs.
For attachment to the Blichmann Top Tier Stand, the 10" X 10" Utility Shelf is designed to hold 50 lbs.
The Blichmann TopTier Therminator Mounting Bracket attaches theTherminator Plate Chiller to a TopTier Brewing Stand.
The Blichmann TopTier March 809 pump mounting bracket attaches a March 8098 pump a TopTier Brewing Stand.
The Natural Gas Conversion Orifice modifies Blichmann Burners, replacing the propane orifice installed as standard equipment in the burner.
The Natural Gas Conversion Kit modifies Blichmann Burners and includes an orifice and needle valve for control of gas flow and flame height.
The Ruby Street Brewery is outfitted to produce a half barrel of beer during each brewing session.
The Brewing Frame offers brewers a robust, durable and portable platform for brewing batch after batch.
Tubing and Fitting Kit provides the tubing, Tri-Clover connectors, clamps and gaskets to interconnect the pump and kettles utilized in the Ruby Street Brewery.
The Chugger Pump has a food grade polysulfone head and is outfitted with a 1/2" MPT inlet and outlet, permitting the connection of a ball valve, quick connects, tri clover fittings, etc.
The Chugger pump is constructed with 316 stainless steel and easily handles liquids heated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Inline Stainless Steel Replacement Head fits Chugger or March Pumps.
The Stainless Steel Replacement Head with Center Inlet fits Chugger or March Pumps.
The HopRocket™ is an incredibly innovative, feature packed hop infusing tool!
The Ruby Mega Brewery is outfitted to brew a full barrel of beer during each brewing session.
The Communication Cord provides accurate and precise correspondence between the Tower of Power module and a PC.
The optional free standing RIMS plumbing tower offers a myriad of advanced features designed to improve and enhance quality during wort production.
The optional free standing RIMS plumbing tower offers a myriad of advanced features designed to improve and enhance quality during wort production.
For mounting 2 Tower of Power Modules onto the Tower Stand, the Mounting Plate attaches with 4 included #10-24 X 3/8” long pan head screws and is sold separately from the Modules.
Blichmann developed the Tower of Power Modular control system to be adaptable, operate accurately and create quality results batch after batch.
The Ruby Street Mega frame provides a heavy duty platform for large batches and includes an integrated pump.
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27 Item(s)