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Faucet Maintenance

A Faucet Wrench is a needed tool for installing and removing faucets from shanks attached to Tap Towers, Keggerators or Jockey Box systems, proving invaluable in tightening the faucet to the shank and preventing leaks.
The Double Ended Faucet Brush was designed for quick and efficient cleaning of faucet shanks, faucets and faucet interiors.
Cleans airlocks, spigot openings, faucets and tubing. Constructed of braided wire and nylon bristles.
The Home Beer Line Cleaning Kit provides a quick system for pumping cleaning solution through beverage tubing in keggerators, leaving a clean environment in beer lines and resulting in a fresher and finer tasting beer!
For cleaning draft systems, Super Flush removes debris and beer stone from the interior of beverage lines, leaving the tubing ready for sanitizing.
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