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Draft Beer Equipment

The 0 – 60 lb. 2” gauge replaces worn or damaged gauges in Double Gauge or Secondary Regulators.
In Double Gauge Regulator assemblies, the 0 – 2000lb. measures overall pressure remaining in CO2 tanks. Gauge replaces worn out or damaged gauges in Double Gauge or Nitrogen Regulators.
Poppet fits Firestone Ball Lock Kegs and models manufactured in Spartanburg: Challenger V, VI or Super Challenger.

Price is for empty tank, please visit one of our retail locations for filled and refill options. The Nitrogen/CO2 Tank provides home brewers with versatility in carbonation and serving options.

The Gas Nut and Stem Assembly is the connection interface between Gas Disconnects and 5/16” Gas Tubing.
The Tail Piece with ¼” MFL Connector provides home brewers with an invaluable and easy to install adapter for serving beer from either commercial Sanke Kegs or Soda Kegs without cutting beverage or gas lines.
The Beverage Nut and Stem Assembly is the connection interface between Beverage Disconnects and 3/16” or ¼” Beverage Tubing.
The Phaucet Adaptor is the connection interface between the threads machined into a Chrome or Perlick Faucet and the ¼” Ball Lock or Pin Lock Beverage Disconnect.
The Coupling Nut finishes the connection between the Phaucet Adaptor and the threads machined into the body of a Chrome or Perlick Faucet.
Nearly universal, the Dip Tube O-Ring fits the inner beverage and gas dip tubes of Cornelius, Firestone, Spartanburg Challenger V, VI and Super Challenger ball and pin lock kegs. Will not fit certain Firestone Pin-Lock Kegs.
The Gas Dip Tube fits all Cornelius kegs of the 2.5, 3 and 5 – gallon variety.
Worm Clamps are typically utilized in temporary or permanent installations in beverage and brewing systems.
Worm Clamps are typically utilized in temporary or permanent installations in beverage and brewing systems.
Cleans airlocks, spigot openings, faucets and tubing. Constructed of braided wire and nylon bristles.
The economical Rubber Gauge boot easily slips over regulator gauges, offering protection against accidental impact and damage.
Poppet valve fits into gas and liquid tank plugs of John Wood model 85 ball lock kegs.
For home brewers fashioning custom tap handles for a keggerator, the Tap Handle Insert is manufactured with the correct thread size for fitting standard faucet levers.
The black rubber O-Ring creates a liquid tight seal between the faucet body and the lever assembly and is seated in the bottom most groove inside the body of Perlick Faucet’s.
$5.99 - $82.95
$5.99 - $82.95
Assembled to quickly tap and serve beverages from a single keg once proper disconnects have been added.
In draft systems, Tail Pieces are the connection interface between faucet shanks and beverage tubing and between commercial Sanke Keg Couplers and beverage and gas tubing.
$8.50 - $9.10
$8.50 - $9.10
Filling a growler with beer from a keg is now quick and uncomplicated with Brew and Grow’s stainless steel Growler Filler Adapters! THE GROWLER FILLER ADAPTER WILL NOT WORK WITH THE NEW STYLE PERLICK MODELS OR THE CREAMER FAUCETS.
$98.91 - $279.95
$98.91 - $279.95

Price is for empty tank.  5# tanks can efficiently carbonate and serve approximately four 5 –gallon soda style kegs before gas supplies are depleted. Results may vary.

The stainless steel Perlick faucet was designed to be unique in both appearance and function.
The BeerGun™ from Blichmann Engineering eliminates the complication and time-consuming operation and cleaning of traditional counter pressure bottle fillers.

Item may not be available in all retail locations.  Please contact your local Brew and Grow to verify availability.


Replacement Gas Check Valve - American Sanke Tap

The Pin Lock Socket is the proper tool for removing gas or liquid tank plugs from pin lock kegs.
The Aluminum Washer is a crucial component for the installation of a Wall Coupling into the wall of jockey box.
Tank Plug Fits Firestone V and VI, Challenger and Super Challenger models.
The Plastic Insert fits both gas and liquid plugs of Firestone Challenger and John Wood Model 85 Ball Lock Kegs.
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