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Draft Beer Equipment

Regulator is shipped with a nylon washer for placement between the CO2 tanks threads and the regulator's tank connector, preventing CO2 leaks.
Secondary regulator's provide control of carbonation levels, allowing for exact carbonation amounts to achieve a proper and professional presentation.
The Nitrogen Regulator controls the dispensing of beer gas or straight nitrogen, providing the classic “nitro” cascade from carbonation created by beer gas.
The protective Gauge Cage guards the regulator against accidental impact and damage.
The Regulator Connector threads into the input and output ports of Secondary Regulators.
Hardened nylon washers outperform fiber or composite washers, preventing frustrating leaks and quickly depleted CO2 tanks.

Price is for empty tank, please visit one of our retail locations for filled and refill options. The Nitrogen/CO2 Tank provides home brewers with versatility in carbonation and serving options.

2 – Way Air Distributors provide home brewers with the capability of serving beer from two kegs while utilizing a single CO2 tank.
3 – Way Air Distributors provide home brewers with the capability of serving beer from three kegs while utilizing a single CO2 tank
4 – Way Air Distributors provide home brewers with the capability of serving beer from four kegs while utilizing a single CO2 tank
The Wye splitter can be utilized in an economical and effective assembly for splitting CO2 from a single CO2 tank and Dual Gauge Regulator system and sending the CO2 to two discreet kegs.
Keg Carbonation Kits provide the quickest and easiest means of force carbonating kegs and begin serving beer swiftly.
Portable CO2 Charger Cornelius Keg
RectorSeal® T Plus 2® pipe thread sealant is a non-setting, multi-purpose compound containing Teflon, plus synthetic fibers for creating a stronger seal.
Easily attaching to a Pin Lock Keg Tank Plug with 2 pins, the Plastic Depressurizer allows for quick release of excess CO2 pressure from the keg.
The Nylon Flare Washer prevents gas leaks by forming a tight seal between male and female ¼” flare connections.
The Ball Valve allows home brewers to create an economical gas splitter while utilizing the Wye - 1/4" MPT x 1/4" FPT x 1/4" FPT splitter.
$98.91 - $279.95
$98.91 - $279.95

Price is for empty tank.  5# tanks can efficiently carbonate and serve approximately four 5 –gallon soda style kegs before gas supplies are depleted. Results may vary.

For sealing keg lids into keg openings, a thin coating of Petro Gel on the Closure O-Ring will typically provide the correct amount for preventing CO2 and beverage leaks.
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