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Draft Beer Equipment


Ball Lock Keg 5 Gallon - Used

The A.E.B. Ball Lock Keg is easily cleaned and sanitized and fully compatible with Cornelius replacement parts.
Nearly universal, the Dip Tube O-Ring fits the inner beverage and gas dip tubes of Cornelius, Firestone, Spartanburg Challenger V, VI and Super Challenger ball and pin lock kegs. Will not fit certain Firestone Pin-Lock Kegs.
Replacement o-ring fits the groove at the top of both gas and beverage plugs attached to ball lock kegs.
Replacement o-ring fits the groove at the top of both gas and beverage plugs attached to pin lock kegs.
The Closure Original fits both ball and pin lock keg lids, providing effective leak protection for beers requiring low and high pressure CO2 settings.
The Gas Dip Tube fits all Cornelius kegs of the 2.5, 3 and 5 – gallon variety.
The Beverage Dip Tube is manufactured with a curve near the mid-point of the tube, conforming to Ball Lock Keg design.
Fits Italian made A.E.B., Spartan and Super Champion Ball Lock kegs and Cornelius Pin Lock tanks stamped R.
Poppet fits Firestone Ball Lock Kegs and models manufactured in Spartanburg: Challenger V, VI or Super Challenger.
Fits both Cornelius ball and pin-lock kegs as well as Spartan and Super Champion ball lock kegs.
Poppet valve fits into gas and liquid tank plugs of John Wood model 85 ball lock kegs.
Poppet fits into Firestone models A and R and John Wood models RA and RC.
Plug fits A.E.B. and Cornelius model kegs.
Plug fits A.E.B. and Cornelius model Kegs.
Plug fits John Wood Model 85 Ball Lock Kegs and Firestone Challenger kegs.
The Plastic Insert fits both gas and liquid plugs of Firestone Challenger and John Wood Model 85 Ball Lock Kegs.
Easily attaching to a Pin Lock Keg Tank Plug with 2 pins, the Plastic Depressurizer allows for quick release of excess CO2 pressure from the keg.
Replaces threaded, screw-in type valves on the lids used in ball lock kegs.
The Pin Lock Socket is the proper tool for removing gas or liquid tank plugs from pin lock kegs.
The Forty Below® Keg Parka™ is manufactured from neoprene wet suit type material, providing an insulated cover for ball and pin lock soda style kegs.
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21 Item(s)